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  By submitting this business to our listing, you and the business your are submitting (hereafter Client) are agreeing to the following terms and certifying that the following conditions are true under the penalty of perjury:

  1. The Client will in no way hold Franchise Communications, Inc., (hereafter Server) any of its staff, employees, or affiliates liable for damages of any kind which may come as a direct or indirect result of being listed here.
  2. The Client, if not the owner, must have permission from the owner of the business.
  3. The Server reserves the right to remove a listing or a logo at its sole discretion for any reason which may or may not be disclosed.
  4. No listing will be included that includes pornography, sexually explicit material, or nudity of any kind.
  5. The Client must be a local business and must have a web site.  Local being defined as within the (518) area code or currently using the Server as either an Internet Service Provider or to host their web site.

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