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Internet Tutorial - Now that I'm on the Internet, what do I do?  That is a very common question among beginning Internet users.  Hopefully, this page will give you some answers.  Visit the online web tutorial at www.webteacher.org. for a detailed tutorial on getting started and how to get more out of the Internet.  This is a very helpful site and although it is self paced, it doesn't assume that you know anything so you can start at the very beginning with basic Internet terminology and concepts.

Better Searches - Find out how to filter your searches at our Search Tips page.  You'll learn how to structure each search so that it yields only relevant pages while filtering out everything you don't want.  No more looking through hundreds of results to find the pages you want!

Viruses - If you are new to the Internet, a timely warning about viruses is in order.  There are basically two different ways you can get a virus onto your computer.  You can get one through e-mail or by downloading a file that contains one.  Virus protection programs are not required to keep your computer safe but they are an excellent tool which can save you a lot of grief and trouble.   E-mail viruses usually have subjects like "Good News" or "Important Information" in order to attract attention to themselves.  They are very harmful and all you need to do to activate them is open up the e-mail message.  These viruses will do everything from wiping your hard drive to burning out your processor, forcing you to buy an new one.  As far as getting viruses from files, make sure you trust the place you are getting your files from.  You can be reasonably sure even without virus protection software that sites such as Intel, Sun, IBM, Microsoft, AOL, and Netscape will have good files.  However, it is a good idea to keep in mind where you are getting your files from.

E-mail Setup - If you lost your e-mail setting you can easily find out how to set up your mailbox again by visiting our e-mail page.  It contains detailed instructions on how to set up every major Microsoft and Netscape mailbox.  If you have any further e-mail questions, just call us at (518) 943-1377.